Wave 3 Ships Announced!

Finally we know. The next wave of X-Wing Miniatures ships will include: TIE Bomber, B-Wing, Lambda-class Shuttle, and the Moldy Crow (HWK-290) (an EU ship from Dark Forces). It turns out most of the speculation was correct – all except the Moldy Crow - which is a great call by FFG. I suppose now we can all start speculating about stats, pilots, and upgrades now. Thanks to Ryan “Picasso” Krippendorf for sending this information to SWCG immediately after it was revealed.

For your appropriate geek fix, here is some more information on the Moldy Crow.

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Here’s the official FFG announcement.

And the official pilots and upgrades released on their site:

SWX12_FullProductLayout (1) SWX13_FullProductLayout SWX14_FullProductLayout SWX15_FullProductLayout




fire-control-system recon-specialist













































Source: Ryan “Picasso” Krippendorf @ FFG’s Star Wars Gaming Experience. Photo by Ryan “Picasso” Krippendorf.
























The following images were shared by UlicBelouve on the X-Wing Reddit page. Permission given to post on SWCG. Thanks a ton! Some more ship images, some pilots and upgrades, and some sample squads.












34 comments on “Wave 3 Ships Announced!

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  2. I was thinking the same thing about the HWK-290, myself. but after a friend mentioned, it’s for parity — since the Imps have the Lambda, the Rebels needed a shuttle as well.

  3. The Moldy Crow isn’t THAT bad I personally think its better than the imperial shuttle…but that’s saying a bald tire is better than a flat. Oh the memories of Dark Forces…really curious what the shuttles will bring other than pieces for scenarios.

  4. do you guys realize that this means they will be going into the extended universe. that means so many more options: Outrider, Hound’s Tooth, IG-2000, YT-2000… etc, i for one am so excited

      • Jan Ors is a woman, FYI.

        Looks like she gives the Rebels some prob control, which is nice, because the Empire has had more of that in the first two waves.

  5. I have had this argument with people since wave 2. The B-wing and Tie Bomber are completely useless in this game. The Bwing is specifically designed (By Admiral Ackbar, btw) to be used against capital ships (ie Imp stars, Impstar Deuce and SSD’s). Those simply cannot be used in this game. We did the math, and with the same scale, a regular star destroyer would be over 12 feet long. The tie bomber is only for use against Capital ships and ground based targets, also neither of which can be used in this game. And with the exception of a couple attack class models only found on the planet of manufacture, Lambda class shuttles ARE NOT ARMED. That is even a plot point in ROTJ. It turns out the Crow is the only redeemable ship in the whole release. Who knew?

    • don’t ruin the game for yourself because you want the true “fluff”

      the design of the ships alone will draw people in.. i’ve always been a huge fan of the B-wing design and i couldn’t be happier to see it come to the table.. and depending on what the stats will be; i plan to have at least 1 in every list i make

    • As a lot of people speculated about the potential of a Lambda, the emphasis is not on combat, but on supporting nearby allies. Games aren’t won because you’re one pilot is better, (at least they won’t be anymore) synergy is going to become far more important. This will make for much deeper gameplay, and help get hardcore wargamers interested as it grows from being a largely beer and pretzel fun game.

      And it should be mentioned that squad synergy is something the Imperials have largely lacked in comparison to the vast array of Rebel shenanigans that can be pulled.

      As for B-Wing and TIE bomber, we haven’t seen their cards yet, so it’s hard to say what they’ll offer, but from the sample lists, that they each have at least 2 secondary weapons slots. And you can get some hints as to capabilities reading the snippits around the card pics. “…but the combination of Kyle Katarn’s ability and free target locks from the B-Wings Fire…”

      So Fire Control system somehow grants free target locks, now to deduce it it’s just for yourself, ala R5-K6, or does it grant locks to allies, like “Dutch” Vander?

      The models are great (except the moldy crow…kind of disappointed there…), we have to wait before condemning their playability.

      • Having played X-Wing and TIE Fighter from LucasArts back in the day, I am readily assured that the Lamba Shuttle is well, *well* armed.

        I lost soooo many Rebel ships to those things…

    • Aaahhh … Lambda Class Shuttles actually have 8 Laser cannons in a front arc mount which are twice the firepower of X-Wings … 4 of them are optional and even heavier cannons can be mounted (Blaster Cannons) … TIE Bomber actually are missle and torpedo platforms, so they are not useless against enemy fighters at all.

  6. wow for real? are you an moron or what Marcus. first, off have you really really looked at the shuttle in the movie? the damn thing has two twin linked guns one on each wing and another two the hull and a twin linked gun on the back that’s in the fraking movie man. second what was the plot point you are pointing out? because I’m pretty sure Han never said “oh we don’t have guns on this thing.” Never has or will be a plot point and will eat crow if anyone can prove different(which you can’t because like I said no once in the movie is it talked about and you can look at the damn thing and see the guns.). next how do you have a starfighter game if you are going to limit yourself? dude if you don’t like it don’t play the game and keep your mouth shut because there are a lot of us that really excited about this release.

    • Really Dark Elf? Your response to a measured argument is “Shut and don’t play then?” I will concede on the lambdas, but I’m sure it was brought up in one of the X-Wing Rogue Squadron books. But I stand by the other ships. The B-Wing looks neat, but is at basic not designed for dogfighting. And I was unaware of the tie bomber capabilities, but I’ve never read that before. We could do this all week, but I’m not getting into a pissing contest. You can be happy these were released, that’s fine with me. I’m disappointed. I would be more interested to see how they work in older ships (newer movies) and Jedi into the mix. I would also like to see Pilot Upgrade packs for sale. Just cards, for use with your own ships. Also, any named pilot that has flown more than one kind of ship (Tycho Celchu springs to mind) should have pilot cards for different ships. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll buy the ships just to be able to use them, but the purist in me doesn’t like it. Well, I will after I buy interceptors and A-Wings, which are sold out absolutely everywhere near me.

  7. Why in the world is the Moldy Crow on a small base? From what I could find, it’s supposed to be about 50% longer than the lambda class shuttle, which got a large base…

    • I noticed that as well. This is the first model where the scale seems way off. Based on some of the pictures, looks like about 16m in-scale, about half what it should be.

      It’s not technically E.U., since Moldy Crow (and Outrider) get fractions of a second on-screen in the Enhanced Edition of the original trilogy…

  8. Anyone else notice the Ion Cannon for 3 PTA? (As opposed to the ion cannon turret for 5?) could be really cool. I imagine it has the same ion cannon rules, but can only be fired from the primary arc. Choices like these are great for the game!!

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  10. The resolution of those promo photos isn’t good enough to make out all the text and some of the cards overlap in such a way as to cover key numbers. However, combined with some of the previously revealed info here’s what I can see (“?” indicates my best guess):

    - Target lock token pair ltr “A”, 1 ion token, 1 shield token, 1 critical token, 2 stress tokens, 6 (!) focus tokens, maneuver dial showing white 90-degree 2 speed turn, 2 base inserts, ID token set #29
    - 4 pilots (PS 2, *4, *6, *8)
    - Two reference cards (Ion Token, and something that starts with “Modifica…” Modifications and Titles?)
    - Ion Turret [reprint]
    - Blaster Turret (“Attack (focus)”?…)
    - Recon Specialist (does not require an action)
    - *Moldy Crow (HWK-290 only?, title, Cost 3, does something in the End Phase?)
    - Saboteur (cost 2?, action:, something about an enemy ship at range 1 and a hit or critical result?)
    - Intelligence Agent (crew, cost 1, does not require an action)

    Lambda Shuttle
    - Target lock token pair ltr “C”, 4 ion tokens, 5 shield tokens, 1 critical token, 3 stress tokens, 1 focus tokens, maneuver dial showing white 2 speed turn (45-degree?), 2 base inserts, 4 Tracking tokens (reprint), 3 tokens that look a little like Container tokens but lack template “nubs” and have Evade 1
    - 4 Pilots (PS *8, *6, *4, 2?) the one that looks like PS 2 (Omicron Group Pilot) looks like 21? pts. All have the same upgrade icons.
    - Heavy Laser Cannon (reprint)
    - Advanced Sensors (already spoiled)
    - Sensor Jammer (already spoiled)
    - *? [picture suggests crew, looks like Imperial Only]
    - *Rebel Captive (already spoiled)
    - Weapons Engineer (reprint)
    - Navigator? (1 pt)
    - Fl…? (crew)
    - Intelligence Agent (crew, as in HWK-290)
    - 2 x Anti-(Pu…?) Laser (Modification) Might be “large ship only”? [Would not make sense to be two copies and Lambda Class only; might be "Anti-Pursuit Laser"? Maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part...] Has Hit and Crit icons on line 5 of 6 lines of text.
    - *ST-321

    - Target lock token pair, 1 ion token, 5 shield tokens, 1 critical token, 1 stress token, 1 focus token, maneuver dial showing white 45-degree 2 speed turn, 2 base inserts, ID token set #30
    - Ion Token reference card
    - 4 pilots (PS *8, *6, 4, 2), both unique pilots have Elite Pilot upgrade slot
    - Proton Torpedoes (reprint)
    - Adv. Proton Torpedoes (already spoiled)
    - Ion Cannon (reprint)
    - Autoblaster (Cannon upgrade, Attack:)
    - Fire Control System (System upgrade, 2 pts)

    TIE Bomber
    - Target lock token pair ltr “G”, 1 critical token, 2 stress tokens, 1 focus token, maneuver dial showing white 90-degree 2 speed turn, 2 base inserts, ID token set #31, Seismic Charge token (reprint), Proton Bomb token (same shape/size as Seismic Charge token)
    - 2 reference cards (Bomb Tokens card (already spoiled) and Using… (probably “Using Bombs”) which is a reprint of the “dropping a Bomb Token” section from Firespray-31 rules insert)
    - 4 pilots (PS 2, 4, *6, *7), both unique pilots have Elite Pilot upgrade slot, PS 7 pilot 26? pts
    - Adv. Proton Torpedoes (already spoiled)
    - Assault Missile (reprint)
    - Seismic Charge (reprint)
    - Proton Bomb (Bomb upgrade; visible portion of all 7 lines of text are identical to Seismic Charge)
    - Adrenaline Rush (Elite Pilot upgrade, 1 pt, does not use an action)

    In context, it seems highly likely that either the Moldy Crow title or the Recon Specialist:
    (A) gives extra focus token(s)
    (B) lets you carry focus over from one round to the next.

    Hence the large number of focus tokens included w/ the HWK-290 and the wording of Kyle’s pilot ability.

    If it’s the Recon Specialist, that means some big potential for the other large-base ships…

    As for the scale of the HWK-290, elsewhere I saw a remark that this was discussed and the official length is (now?) 16.5m. After a quick review of the Jedi Knight cutscenes (thanks, YouTube!), that does seem about right to me. I stand corrected.

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