Out of the Frying Pan… and Into the Firespray

It’s sad how proud I am of that title. Today I want to take a moment to look at a fiendish combination involving everyone’s favorite Star Wars… fiend… Boba Fett.


Boba Fett + Engine Upgrade + Daredevil

I’ve seen this combination mentioned before but never discussed in detail. So let’s break down the three components:

Boba Fett – With a PS of 8 combined with his ability to suddenly switch directions, maneuverability-wise he’s already pretty versatile without adding on any additional enhancements. While being able to turn the opposite direction is nice in theory, it’s a big ship, so this isn’t always the wisest choice.

Engine Upgrade – Adding the ability to Boost provides an optional ability to make a 1-straight or 1-bank maneuver. Not only can Fettsypoopants switch directions, now he has the ability to add a little extra juice on the end.

Daredevil – With the Boost icon added, there’s no threat to damage when using this card. In addition to the Boost ability, now the ability is added to perform a red 1-turn. This means that after performing an initial move, the Firespray now has the option to perform ANY 1-template maneuver. The drawback is that this is your action and if you opt for the 1-turn you’ll be stressed. The positive is that you have a crazy amount of movement options. Let’s take a look at the theoretical range Fett has with this combination


Image created using Vassal.

This isn’t by any means an ideal setup or meant to be a realistic game scenario. I created it to simply show how many potential options there are for movement with this combination. You make one movement decision, in this case a 2-bank (either left or right), and Fett could potentially end up in 1 of 12 different positions depending on the circumstances of the game.

The things to watch out for are obvious. Asteroids and other ships will be in the way. Don’t get all crazy with this and fly yourself off the board. Boba shouldn’t fly like he’s drunk at the wheel. The combo is best used in moderation. Think of it like flying a big, ugly, rusty¬†scalpel. Be calculating.

Practice makes perfect when maneuvering like this. Mastering the extra moves will give you a SERIOUS advantage and will only serve to keep your opponent off balance. There are hook maneuvers, long turn maneuvers, and maneuvers that will allow you to end up flying the same direction you were originally, just offset a base-length and change.

Krassis is usually the Firespray pilot of choice for most and for good reason. While this particular combo isn’t broken by any means, it can still be highly effective in the right hands. And let’s not forget this is only one ship. The effectiveness of this setup is will rely entirely on additional support cards and support ships. Add on an HLC and have some fun.

But really, I just wanted to make a cool picture in Vassal.


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