Big Blue and Villainy – A Deck by Mike Rebman

Now that we’ve seen The Search for Skywalker, it’s time to put some of the new Dark Side goods to use. The foundation of this deck is balance and versatility. Also Star Destroyers. A lot of Star Destroyers.


Jabba’s Orders x2
Imperial Command x2
Death and Despayre x2
Take Them Prisoner x2
Deploy The Fleet x2

UNITS (28)

Weequay Elite x4
Jawa Trading Crawler x2
Devastator x2
Imperial Officer x2
Death Star Trooper x4
Death Squadron Star Destroyer x4
Fleet Navigator x2
Admiral Motti x2
Duty Officer x2
Heavy Stormtrooper Squad x4


Jabba’s Palace x2
Control Room x2
Defense Upgrade x2
Orbital Bombardment x2
Death Squadron Command x2


Get Me Solo! x2
Detained x2
Trooper Assault x2
Tear This Ship Apart x2
Admiral’s Orders x2

FATE (2)

Heat of Battle x2

get-me-soloQuick resource generation and the big ships of the Imperial Navy make this deck tick. You should be able to deploy quickly and get control of the board early. There are 38 Resource Icons available between Objectives, Units, and Enhancements. Dropping Capitals shouldn’t be a problem. Be sure to ration resources as much as possible for Events (or at least to create the threat of an Event).

Take Them Prisoner, Get Me Solo! and Detained are fun and effective  - wise and timely use of the Capture mechanic will help immensely against LS mains. I need to mention how much I love Get Me Solo! – I would play two copies if it only allowed me to see my opponent’s hand, much less give me an opportunity to capture.

Jabba’s Palace and Defense Upgrade are a nice defensive combo.

The obvious weakness of the deck is the Force Struggle. Overcoming this (as with any obstacle in the game) just takes a bit of luck and smart play. Knowing when and how to capture or exhaust your opponent’s units is what will keep the Force with the Dark Side. Whether or not you can keep the Force with the DS, there’s no shortage of offensive capability to wipe out enough LS objectives to tick the Death Star dial to 12. If the Star Destroyers aren’t enough firepower, the deck also has 8 troopers and Trooper Assault/Orbital Bombardment as backup.

weequay-eliteDon’t underestimate the effectiveness of the Weequay Elites! Once you have an opponent’s card captured, they’re cheap to deploy and great board control pieces. Admiral Motti is a beast (although I still don’t understand why he can provide 3 Force Icons to the Force Struggle when in the movie, he told Vader to take his sorcerer’s ways and shove it… dah well).

Please comment below! I’ve had good luck with this deck so far in limited tests, but would love some input and opinions on how to make it stronger. I’ve played this deck with and without adding Reconnaissance Mission as an 11th Objective Set. Adding it doesn’t have any significant statistical effect on the overall performance of the deck and I like having the extra Fate card support so I prefer that version.


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